On-Site Clinics


Kathy Gates, owner of The Running Well Store, is an industry leader and honored guest speaker at numerous Kansas City-based companies.  She has led informative workshops at local area hospitals and top-tier Fortune-ranked companies. Kathy’s love of the sport of running is obvious. She can help any level runner or walker purchase a better pair of performance shoes. But, what’s interesting for individuals is how Kathy understands the technology behind running shoes. And, how proper fitting footwear can help employees in their every day lives. Nurses, manufacturers and those in the service industry all have to stand on their feet all day.  Picking out a pair of shoes that’s compatible with their biomechanics and demands of their jobs makes employees more comfortable and more productive at work.  Those participating in Kathy’s on-site clinics are encouraged to ask questions, as Kathy strives for a dynamic, interactive and informative presentation that is tailored for each company. Everyone leaves with a better understanding of what they should be thinking about when buying a pair of shoes for their work or, if they happen to be an athlete, their next race.  Some topics include:
·      How can I be comfortable when I’m on my feet all day?
                                                                                                     ·      What is pronation?  Do I have it? How can shoes help?
                                                                                                     ·      What is the difference between traditional and max cushion shoes?
                                                                                                     ·      When do I replace my athletic/work shoes?
                                                                                                     ·      What shoe is the best shoe for me?

To schedule an on-site footwear clinic please email kathy@therunningwellstore.com


Adrienne Garstang is a RRCA Level I Certified Running Coach, two time Ironwoman and a competitor in countless marathons, triathlons and many other sports.  Her popular “Run Form Clinics” provide a hands-on experience through small, interactive workshops that teach participants how to run in the ideal form — a skill that’s important for reducing the risk of injury. Participants will learn how to position their upper body, arms, foot strike and cadence. They will also learn new exercises to help them clearly understand the difference between poor and good habits, ultimately ensuring they stay on the right track! Proper running form is important for any athlete — from the first time runner to the ultra-level marathon / triathlon athlete who just needs to fine-tune their form.


To schedule an on-site Run Form clinic please email kathy@therunningwellstore.com


We all know that stretching is important.  We all know that we don’t do enough of it.  Did you know that adding simple movements into your stretching helps you to get more out of a warm muscle? Ryan Eberts, certified athletic trainer, will take you through a hands-on clinic that will teach you the proper time to warm up, how to improve the efficacy of your stretching and leave you with a vast knowledge of stretching exercises.



FOAM ROLLER CLINIC: Get ready to roll!  As a certified Athletic Trainer, Ryan has seen a wide variety of injuries and knows the power of the foam roller.  The foam roller is completely under utilized and is an important tool for overcoming and preventing a wide range of injuries from IT Band, Plantar Fasciitis, [NEED MORE].  Come prepared to get hip, leg,  [glut????] “on” training as you “Roll with Ryan”.




  • Education – Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training; Minor in Biology
  • National Certification (ATC) through the US Board of Certification and Missouri Division of Professional Registration
  • Certified Athletic Trainer ATC/L
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Certified
  • Athletes Performance Mentorship
  • GAIN (Vern Gambetta) Mentorship

To schedule an on-site clinic with Ryan please email kathy@therunningwellstore.com